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Fever 1793
Laurie Halse Anderson
Sixteen: Stories About That Sweet and Bitter Birthday
Megan McCafferty, Sarah Dessen, Jacqueline Woodson, Carolyn Mackler, Steve Almond, M.T. Anderson, Julianna Baggott, Cat Bauer, Emma Forrest, David Levithan, Sarah Mlynowski, Sonya Sones, Zoe Trope, Ned Vizzini, Joseph Weisberg, Tanuja Desai Hidier
Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story
Adam Rex
Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir
Jenny Lawson
Front and Center (Dairy Queen Series #3)

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - Excellent. (What? That's not a good enough review? Fine.) I picked a fantastic book to start my year off with, and John Green is amazing. I've talked before about how the best books - no matter what genre they're in - are good because they are somehow, true. Even if it's a fantasy about dragons and talking acorns (which this book is not, in case you were wondering), it's got to feel true, or it's not going to be a great book. There was so much truth in this book that I wanted to rewrite it, so that the characters didn't have to live through the things they were living through. (Since that's how I feel about my own life when it's particularly hard to get through, there could be nothing truer.) Definitely a keeper; highly recommend.