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Goodnight Tweetheart

Goodnight Tweetheart - Teresa Medeiros Ok, so I guess Spoilers: the main character in this book has cancer, is being treated for cancer, and pretends - for a good portion of the book - that he is instead traveling the world. As a result of the character's deception, I got so angry that I could not finish the book, even though I really liked the format.Up til then, I was on-board with the whole "140 characters or less love story": I thought both characters were cute (but not cutesy), honest, and open (without veering into 'DANGER: DON'T GIVE AWAY PERSONAL INFO ON THE INTERNET' territory). As I began to suspect Mark's dishonesty and then see his entire tweet-history as basically Catfishing this lady, I just was ... done. I mean, I have chronic illness. I would LOVE to pretend that I do not have this constant terrifying overwhelming thing in my life - but do I think it's fair to start a relationship based on that pretending? No; not in any way. I also don't think it's cool, as a person with chronic illness, and disabilities, that disabled characters are still being portrayed this way - as charlatans & fakes. (This is my own personal bias, certainly, but this is also the 2nd (recently published) book I've read this summer where a character had a disability and lied about it. Why is that necessary?) So the more I write in this review, the less stars I give the book - I didn't finish it, although I see from other, more positive reviews that he goes into remission (even though one of his reasons for lying was supposedly that the seriousness of his situation - and small chances of recovery - were part of the things he was sparing the heroine from having to deal with), and they live happily ever after. woo hoo. Not a fan.