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Front and Center (Dairy Queen Series #3)
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak Slightly spoilery, if you don't know anything about the book & for one particular scene near the ending of the book. "I am haunted by humans." Well, good job, book, because I am haunted by you. Seriously, I feel wounded. It's just such a deeply moving and horrifying book, and even though you know bad things are going to continue to happen - Hello: it's Germany in WWII; there's a Jew hidden in the basement; your heroine is not really good at keeping her head down and following orders; your narrator is DEATH - you can't help but keep reading, hoping that the story will somehow change before you get there. I'm still kind of pissed that it didn't. But, auch, can Zusak tell a story. Or several stories, within a story. Through details that are somehow sparse yet all-encompassing at the same time. Examples: "It was a time of bleeder and broken planes and teddy bears, but the first quarter of 1943 was to finish on a positive note for the book thief." "He had windy hair and cloudy eyes, and he was the kind of delinquent who had no other reason to steal except that he enjoyed it." And an author who recognizes (and then writes nearly 600 pages about) the importance of, and power in, words is golden, in my book. The scene towards the end where Liesel is in the library and she's destroying the pages, the chapters, the WORDS because they dare to make her feel hope? Almost more heartbreaking than any of the death scenes in the book. Because ... I've never lived through a war (except my own personal wars), but Goddamn if I haven't felt like that. If I haven't hated the things that brought me peace because I didn't feel like I deserved them. I was a wreck after that, and the ending of the book did not improve my mood much, I can tell you that. So yes: excellent book, that will sit on my shelf (and in my mind) where I will be haunted by it's imagery for a long long time. Which I guess is kind of the point. But I do not recommend if you do not have sufficient time to bawl during/after.